Latest Results of the Ams Experiment
Yuan-Hann Chang1*
1Physics Department, National Central University, Tao-Yuan, Taiwan
* Presenter:Yuan-Hann Chang,
The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer is a particle spectrometer on board of the International Space Station. With multiple layers of different kinds of subdetectors, AMS measures the charge, energy and momentum of charged cosmic rays precisely from 1GV to a few TV in rigidity. AMS has been taking data continuously since May 2011. More than 100 billion cosmic ray events have been collected and analyzed. In this talk we report the latest AMS measurements of the cosmic ray spectra of electron, positron, proton, antiproton, helium, and light nuclei like Li, Be, B, and C. Unexpected characteristics of the spectra are observed, which provide important inputs for the study of fundamental physics as well as understanding the mechanism of cosmic ray acceleration and propagation.

Keywords: Cosmic Rays, AMS