Simulation of Plasma and Wave Transport in the Terrestrial Magnetosphere
Yu Lin1*
1Physics Department, Auburn University, Auburn, USA
* Presenter:Yu Lin,
Hybrid simulation model in computational space plasma physics is a self-consistent kinetic model that treats ions as fully kinetic particles and electrons as a fluid. It can been utilized to solve the plasma kinetic physics with wave frequency ω ~ Ωi, where Ωi is the ion cyclotron frequency. In this talk, recent progress in the large-scale computation of the terrestrial magnetosphere is presented. In particular, we show simulations of plasma processes in the magnetosphere driven by the solar wind and the interplanetary magnetic field under substorm conditions using the Auburn global hybrid code in 3D (ANGIE3D). Results will be shown for the generation of kinetic Alfven waves in the magnetotail and the ion transport from the tail plasma sheet into the inner magnetosphere associated with magnetic reconnection.

Keywords: global hybrid simulation, magnetotail, kinetic Alfven waves, magnetic reconnection, ion transport