Turbulent Clustering in Unstable Dust Acoustic Waves
Weng-Ji Chen1*, Po-Cheng Lin1, Lin I1
1Department of Physics, National Central University, Jhongli, Taiwan
* Presenter:Weng-Ji Chen, email:aw538736810@yahoo.com.tw
The transition from the laminar state to the turbulent state through intermittent turbulent state with uncertainly emerging turbulent puffs is a ubiquitous phenomenon in many hydrodynamics systems such as pipe flow and channel flow but is seldom addressed in wave turbulence. Dust acoustic wave, a longitudinal wave composed of oscillating negatively charged micrometer-sized dust particles in plasma, is a good platform for large area waveform tracking because of its proper spatiotemporal scales. In this work, through wavelet analysis, we experimentally demonstrate the extraction of turbulent wave puffs in weakly disordered dust acoustic wave during the transition to wave turbulence. The incoherent multi-mode collective excitations in spatiotemporal domains are found to be the origin for turbulent wave puff formation.

Keywords: dust acoustic wave, turbulence