Some Thermal Analysis of High Heat Load Components in Synchrotron Accelerator
Albert Sheng1*
1vacuum, NSRRC, HsinChu, Taiwan
* Presenter:Albert Sheng,
Taiwan Photon Source (TPS) in National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center(NSRRC) in Taiwan has been constructed 3 years ago and it has been in operational. Currently it is running 3GeV, 340 mA beam current, it is planned to run 500mA in the near future. Many high heat load components will thus subject to high temperature and high thermal stress. Thermal mechanical behaviors are known to be the index of failure, therefore it is important to analyze these problem to avoid the problem.

Several thermal and thermomechanical problems are presented in this paper. These cases are directly related to the synchrotron radiation power characteristics, for example, bending magnet and undulator. Some analytical solution and finite element analysis are also reported.

Keywords: High heat load component, thermal stress, synchrotron radiation , bending magnet, undulator