Low Threshold Lasing with Tunable Wavelengths from 2D Homologues Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Ruddlesden-Popper Perovskite Single-Crystals
C. M. Raghavan1*, 陳姿蓓1, 李紹先2, 陳俊維1
1材料所, 台灣大學, 台北, Taiwan
2生醫光機電, 台北醫學大學, 台北, Taiwan
* Presenter:C. M. Raghavan
Solution processable organic-inorganic hybrid two dimensional (2D) perovskites have gained a great deal of technological interest in optoelectronic applications because of their inherent natural quantum-well structure and superior stability. Herein, we report the growth of high quality millimeter size single crystals belongs to homologues series 2D hybrid organic-inorganic Ruddelsden-Popper perovskites (RPPs), (BA)2(MA)n-1PbnI3n+1 (n=1, 2, and 3), by a unique slow evaporation at constant temperature [SECT] growth strategy. The as-grown hybrid 2D perovskite single crystals showed stable and pronounced excitonic emission with long intrinsic carrier lifetime at room-temperature. The homologues 2D RPP single crystals grown by controlled slow nucleation process ensured the high phase purity and spectral uniformity of photo emission over large area. Owing to the close looping of internal light scattering in the 2D RPP single crystals, an unprecedented random lasing behavior with low threshold energy and wide spectral tuniblity are observed from these cavity free high-quality homologues 2D hybrid RPP single crystals, which opens new window in the lasing application of solution processbale hybrid 2D perovskites as an optical gian media.

Keywords: 2D RPP single crystals, Solution growth, Photoluminescence, Random lasing