The Experimental Studies of Mesoscopic Motion of Laser-Activated Self-Propelling Particle Suspension
Chong-Wai Io1*
1Dept. of Phys., National Chung-Cheng University, Chia-yi, Taiwan
* Presenter:Chong-Wai Io,
The suspension of active particle with tunable propelling strength could be one of the simplest non-equilibrium system. The swimming bacteria, folk of birds and artificial Janus particle are few examples. We are going to report the experimental investigation about the collective motion of Au-hemisphere coated SiO₂ micro particle suspension, which propelling strength can be tuned by laser illumination. It is found that, for weak propelling strength, the system exhibits homogeneous super-diffusion behavior. At strong propulsion strong regime, the system can self-organized into many dense clusters, which is also associated heterogeneous motion: the coexistence of temporal jammed motion and the fast propelling individual motion.

Keywords: Active particle, Super-diffusion, Heterogeneous dynamics