Coherent Control over Hard X-ray Photon Using ⁵⁷Fe Nuclear Targets
Chia-Jung Yeh1*, Wen-Te Liao1
1Department of Physics, National Central University, Taoyuan, Taiwan
* Presenter:Chia-Jung Yeh,
Coherent control over hard X-ray photon echo in nuclear ensembles is theoretically studied. By numerically solving Maxwell-Bloch equation, we investigate a scheme of photon echo using atomic frequency comb made of a series of nuclear samples subject to different hyperfine splitting. In this talk we will discuss the efficiency of the first echo, influence of external magnetic fields and the effect of distribution of resonant thickness of targets. The present results suggest novel ways to control X-ray echo and to introduce X-ray beam splitter.

Keywords: X-ray photon echo, quantum memory, ⁵⁷Fe nuclei