The Study of Lithium/Sodium Battery Performance of Anode Material - Mn-doped MoS₂.
高振瑋1*, 楊仲準1
1物理系, 中原大學, 桃園市, Taiwan
* Presenter:高振瑋,
Two-dimensional Mo1-xMnxS₂ (x=0, 0.02) materials were successfully fabricated by using the hydrothermal method. The resultants were utilized to make the lithium/sodium battery anode. Both x=0 and 0.02 samples exhibited excellent charge capacity and cycling times for lithium battery. Especially, the Mn-doped sample shows a better capacity for sodium battery than the pure MoS2 one. The charge-discharge processes and maxima charge capacity were strongly influenced by applying a magnetic field. It is suggested that the distance between each Mo-S layers were controlled by Mn dopants under applying the magnetic field.

Keywords: lithium/sodium battery, magnetic nanomaterial, transition metal dichalcogenides