The Study of Magnetic Controllable Anode Material - Mn-doped MoS₂
楊仲準1*, 高振瑋1, 童詠翔1, 吳惟鈞1, 林錕松2
1Department of Physics, Chung Yuan Christian, Chung-Li, Taoyuan, Taiwan
2Department of Chemical Engineering and Material Science, Yuan Ze University, Chung-Li, Taoyuan, Taiwan
* Presenter:楊仲準,
Two-dimensional nano-flake of MoS₂ and Mo₀.₉₉₄Mn₀.₀₀₆S₂ were made by the hydrothermal method. X-ray diffraction, HRTEM images, EDS, and magnetic hysteresis study revealed the 0.6% Mn ions were doped. The varied-temperatures Raman spectra show the interlayer vibration mode was controlled by the magnetic field in the Mn-doped sample. The temperature profile of ac conductivity experiments shows a small peak at around 245 K for excitation frequencies between 20 and 2000000 Hz. It can be described by small polaron hopping mechanism. The activation energies above and below 245 K are 129 and 82 meV, respectively.

Keywords: lithium battery, sodium battery, dichalcogenide, nano, magnetic