The Design and Simulation of Sub-Μm Resolution Cavity Beam Position Monitor for VUV/THz Free Electron Laser
薛心白2*, 劉偉強1, 李安平1, 周明昌1, 黃景一1
1高亮度注射器小組, 國家同步輻射研究中心, 新竹市,台灣, Taiwan
2真空小組, 國家同步輻射研究中心, 新竹市,台灣, Taiwan
* Presenter:薛心白,
Sub-μm resolution cavity beam position monitors (BPM) are crucial to free electron laser (FEL) facilities all over the world. They need to be installed before (entrance point) and after (exit point) insertion devices (ID) to achieve the lasing effects as designed. Much effort has been put in by many experts in this field in all FEL facilities. In this talk, we will introduce the working principle of cavity BPM, the design and simulation of our own cavity BPM. We will build cavity BPM in C-band(4~8 GHz) frequency range. Our target frequency is 4497MHz. HFSS is used for electromagnetic simulation. Simulation results will be shown and design concern will also be presented in this talk.

Keywords: cavity beam position monitor, free electron laser, electromagnetic simulation