Search for Zg Resonances in Leptonic and Hadronic Final States with Cms Experiment Using Data of Proton-Proton Collisions at Sqrt(S) = 13 TeV
Hien Thi Doan1*, Chia-Ming Kuo1, Kyungwook Nam2, Hwidong Yoo2, Francesco Pandolfi3
1Physics, National Central University, Jhongli, Taiwan
2Physics, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea
3Physics, ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
* Presenter:Hien Thi Doan,
A search for resonances decaying to a Z boson and a photon is presented. The analysis is based on a data set of proton-proton collisions at a center-of-mass energy of 13 TeV, corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 35.9 fb-1, collected with the CMS detector at the LHC in 2016. Two decay channels of the Z boson are investigated. In the leptonic channel, the Z boson candidates are reconstructed using an electron or a muon pair. In the hadronic channel, they are identified using a large-radius jet containing either light-quark or b quark decay products of the Z boson, identified using jet substructure and advanced b tagging techniques. The results in the leptonic and hadronic channels are combined and interpreted in terms of upper limits on the production cross section times branching fraction to Zg of narrow and broad spin-0 resonances with masses between 0.3 and 4.0 TeV. These limits are the most stringent to date.

Keywords: CMS, Zg resonances, leptonic, hadronic, limit