Observations of Diffusion-Limited Aggregation-Like Patterns Produced by Atmospheric Plasma Jet
Hong-Yu Chu1*
1Department of Physics, National Chung Cheng University, Chiayi, Taiwan
* Presenter:Hong-Yu Chu, email:phyhyc@ccu.edu.tw
We report the observations of diffusion-limited aggregation-like pattern during the thin film removal process by atmospheric plasma jet. The fractal patterns are found various appearance like dense branching and tree-like pattern. The measurement of surface morphology reveals that the footprints of discharge bursts are not as random as expected. We propose the diffusion-limited aggregation model with few extra requirements by analogy with the experimental results and thereby present the beauty in nature. We show that the simulated model presents the shapes of the patterns similar to the experimental observations, and the growing sequences of the fluctuating, oscillatory and zigzag traces are also found.

Keywords: atmospheric plasma jet, diffusion limited aggregation