Type-Ii Multi-Metal Selenides Heterostructures: from Phase Engineering to Low-Power Consumption, Flexible and Transparent Photodetectors with Wide-Spectrum Photoresponse
Yu-Ze Chen1*, Yu-Lun Chueh1
1Department of Material Science and Engineering, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan
* Presenter:Yu-Ze Chen, email:kinorassic@gmail.com
We for the first time achieved type II metal selenides heterostructure by selenizing ITO to form the multi metal selenides by one step process. The utilization of plasma system to assist selenization endowed the low-temperature process as well as the large-area resulting film with high uniformity. Compared to the individual metal selenides-based photodetectors, an obviously improved performance obtained from our multi-metal selenides photodetectors was observed. We found that not only attributing to the Schottky contact at the interfaces for tuning the carrier transport, but the type II heterostructure benefitting on the separation of electron-hole pairs accounted for the improved performance as well. The multi-metal selenides photodetectors exhibited a broad spectral response from UV to visible light with high responsivity of 0.8 A W-1 and on/off ratio of up to 102 and more interestingly, all transparent photodetectors were successful demonstrated in this works. Moreover, we also displayed the possibility of fabricating devices on flexible substrate with the sustained performance, and shown the great tolerance of strain and excellent durability through bending test.

Keywords: ITO, All transparent photodetectors, flexible