Crystalline Domain Growth in 3D Cold Dusty Plasma Liquids
Wen Wang1*, Hao-Wei Hu1, Lin I1
1物理系, 國立中央大學, 中壢, Taiwan
* Presenter:Wen Wang,
Near freezing, small patch crystalline ordered domains start to grow in liquid. The presence of a flat boundary surface adds topological constraint which aligns particles. It initiates the domain growth from the boundary surface. In this work, the temporal evolution of surface-induced local ordered domain growth is experimentally investigated in a 3D dusty plasma through direct optical visualization. Micrometer sized dust particles are negatively charged, suspended above the plasma sheath surface, and form a strongly coupled Coulomb system in a low pressure rf discharge. It is found that after quenching from the hot liquid, 3D crystalline ordered domains start to emerge and grow in layer from the flat plasma sheath surface. The interface between the local aligned crystalline ordered domains and the liquid above them has a fractal structure. The spatiotemporal dynamics of the fluctuating multiscale interface is investigated.

Keywords: surface-induced crystal growth, crystalline ordered domain, cold dusty plasma liquid