Mode-Mode Interaction in Cold 2D Yukawa Liquid
Hao-Wei, Hu1*, Wen, Wang1, Lin, I1
1Department of physics, National Central University, Jhongli 320, Taiwan
* Presenter:Hao-Wei, Hu
Microscopically, after a crystal is melt into a cold liquid, stochastic thermal agitations induce not only multi-scale lattice vibration but also structural rearrangement in the form of rotational crystalline ordered domains. The nonlinearity under the increased oscillating amplitudes leads to mode-mode interaction. In this work, using molecular dynamic simulation of a cold 2D Yukawa liquid, particle micro-motions are analyzed through empirical mode decomposition into multi-scaled modes. It is found that the mode-mode interaction strength gradually descends with increasing mode number separation. The local structural order has opposite correlations on high and low frequency modes.

Keywords: Yukawa, Empirical mode decomposition, Structural rearrangmemnt, Multi-scaled modes