Stability and Fluctuation of Snake-like Magnetic Domain in Kagome Spin Ice
高文瀚1*, 高英哲1
1Department of Physics and Center of Theoretical Sciences, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
* Presenter:高文瀚,
Over the past decade, the kagome ice system has drawn much attention since the discovery of its realization as spin ice in [111] magnetic field and the synthesis of artificial spin ice. Through the interplay of frustrated lattice, single-ion anisotropy, exchange interactions and external magnetic field, it is revealed that various kinds of topological excitations such as loop, string, and magnetic monopole pairs are possibly existed in this system. In this work, we study the two-dimentional J1-J2-J3 kagome ice with canted spins in external fields by numerical simulations. We found that a new snake-like shaped domain emerges and is energetically more favored than conventional loop or string patterns. As a result, the system remains in a metastable state of snake-like magnetic domains with various widths for a long time. By showing the energetic phase diagram and applying Muller-Hartmann-Zittartz approximation on interfacial free energy, we explain the origin of these long-lived domains and propose possible updates in the simulation to enhance domain fluctuations.

Keywords: spin ice, kagome lattice, frustrated magnetism, Monte Carlo simulation