Narrow Band Biphoton Generation Using Cold Atoms
Ravikumar Chinnarasu1*, Chuan-Yi Lee1, Tsung Hua Hsieh1, Pao kang Chen1, Chun Wei Yang1, Ite A Yu1, Chih Sung Chuu1
1Department of Physics, Frontier Research center on Fundamental and Applied sciences of Matters, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan
* Presenter:Ravikumar Chinnarasu,
We have trapped 87Rb atoms in a two-dimensional (2D) magneto-optical trap (MOT). Our primary goal is to generate narrowband entangled photons (biphotons) for quantum memory experiments. We have observed Electromagnetically Induced Transparency(EIT) with reduced decoherence rate of about 0.023Γ, without turning of the magnetic field. We have generated biphotons via spontaneous four-wave mixing (sFWM) with the help of coherence effect called EIT. The better SNR ratio needs to be optimized. In my presentation, I will explain the details of the generation of biphotons using cold atoms and possible application in quantum information perspective.

Keywords: Biphotons, cold atoms, EIT, Quantum information, Quantum memory