Search for Decay Modes of B→pΛ⁰γ, B→pΣγ, and B→anti-pΣ+γ in the Belle Experiment
Kunxian Huang1*, Min-Zu Wang1
1physics, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
* Presenter:Kunxian Huang,
The Belle experiment used the KEKB e+e- beam to produce resonance that decays into B meson and anti-B meson pairs. After collecting 1052 fb−1 of data, the BELLE experiment observed many physics results from the B meson decays.
This talk report that the search of baryonic decay of B→pΛ⁰γ, B→pΣ⁰γ, and B→p-Σ+γ using all the data of Belle, and they are contributed from the electromagnetic penguin process of b→sγ decays. The decay mode of B→pΛ⁰γ is observed by using data sample of ~ 400 fb-1, and we expect its branching fraction can be measured precisely by using whole set of the Belle data. B→pΣ⁰γ and B→p-Σ+γ are not yet observed using part of the Belle data. Recently, there is theory of pole model framework contributing the decay of B→pΣ⁰γ whose branch fraction is predicted to be order of 10-7. This gave us chance to observe it using whole set data of Belle. B→p-Σ+γ has the same isospin state with B→pΣ⁰γ. We also search this decay mode of B→p-Σ+γ verify the isospin property.

Keywords: Belle, B meson