Spinor Exciton-polariton Condensates in a Magnetic Field
陳挺煒1, 程思誠2*
1電子物理學系, 國立嘉義大學, 嘉義市, Taiwan
2光電物理學系, 中國文化大學, 台北市, Taiwan
* Presenter:程思誠
A simple model is proposed to investigate spinor exciton-polariton condensates in a magnetic field. Due to the gauge symmetry, the loss rates of the two spin directions of exciton-polaritons, which are magnetic-field dependent, are distinct. Therefore, the individual spin component of a spinor exciton-polariton condensate has its own threshold pump power. The emission intensities, circular polarization degree and Zeeman splitting as a function of the pump power and magnetic field are investigated and consistent with experimental results. With increasing the magnetic field, the sign of the polarization degree is changed at a critical magnetic field. The effect of magnetic field on excitation spectra of spinor exciton-polariton condensates are also calculated. The magnetic field can reduce the non-equilibrium fluctuations due to the pump effect.

Keywords: exciton-polaritons, microcavities, spin-anisotropic interaction