Linking B→Sμμ Anomalies to Enhanced Rare Nonleptonic B_s Decays in Z' Model
Jusak Tandean1*
1Physics, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
* Presenter:Jusak Tandean,
The anomalies recently observed in b→sμμ data could be early signals of physics beyond the standard model (SM). Assuming this to be the case, we consider a scenario in which a Z' boson is responsible for the anomalies. We also assume that its interactions affect rare nonleptonic decays of the Bs meson which receive sizable electroweak-penguin contributions. Most of these Bs decays are not yet observed, and their rates are expected to be small in the SM. Taking into account various constraints, we find that the Z' effects can enhance the rates of some of these decays by up to an order of magnitude. This Z' scenario is therefore potentially testable in upcoming experiments.

Keywords: b-meson decays, physics beyond standard model