Electronic Properties of Armchair MoS₂ Nanoribbon with Nanowire.
Chi-Hsuan Lee1*, Chih-Kai Yang1
1Graduate Institute of Applied Physics, National Chengchi University, Taipei city, Taiwan
* Presenter:Chi-Hsuan Lee, email:chl00@nccu.edu.tw
Electronic properties of armchair MoS₂ nanoribbons with nanowire are investigated using density functional calculations. The pure armchair MoS₂ with 15 dimer lines has an energy gap about 0.5 eV and zero magnetic moment at ribbon edge. The nanowire stacked on the ribbon modulates the energy bands near the Fermi level and induces different magnetic properties. The stacking locations are also considered. The results may be useful for application in nanoelectronic devices.

Keywords: electronic properties