Theoretical Analysis and Feasible Direction of Research of a Generator of Electricity from Ocean Waves
Chien-Heng Chou1*
1Department of Electro-Optical Engineering, College of Aviation and Engineering, Vanung University, No.1, Wanneng Rd., Zhongli Dist., Taoyuan City 32061, Taiwan
* Presenter:Chien-Heng Chou,
Ocean-wave energy is one of the most promising and untapped forms of renewable energy. However, around the world no such electrical generator driven by ocean waves has been commercialized successfully so far. Scientists and engineers did not get the conclusive decision about how to design a useful generator of electricity from ocean waves.
  We have investigated the nature of ocean waves. In most conditions, both the frequency and amplitude of ocean waves fluctuate appreciably. Moreover, the wave shape also varies. The coherence length of an ocean wave is relatively small. The fact that ocean waves are chaotic and random must not be neglected.
  After surveying most of significant electrical generators from ocean waves, we have clearly discovered their deficiencies. In most of such generators, the energy of an ocean wave, before conversion into electricity, is transferred into other forms of energy more than twice. During such a long energy transfer, much energy of an ocean wave becomes wasted.
  According to our theoretical calculations based on related physical laws, the mass and inertia of a working body should be minimised and the energy transfer must be simple and straightforward. Therefore, the efficiency of energy transfer of a generator of electricity from chaotic ocean waves can be increased significantly.
  Inspecting the intricate processes involving energy transfer in most existing electrical generators driven by ocean waves, we designed a directly driven electrical generator based on the results of practical considerations and theoretical calculations. These generators have been proved theoretically and experimentally feasible and superior to existing designs and also reveal a practical direction for their further research and development.

Keywords: renewable energy, ocean wave energy, linear generator, working body, energy transfer, and work