Generation of Narrow-Linewidth Biphotons with a Heated Atomic Vapor Cell
Yu-Sheng Wang1*, Emily Kay Huang1, Jia-Mou Chen1, Weilun Hung1, Kai-Lin Chao1, Yi-Hsin Chen1, Ite A. Yu1
1Department of Physics and Frontier Research Center on Fundamental and Applied Sciences of Matters, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu 30013, Taiwan
* Presenter:Yu-Sheng Wang,
A subnatural-linewidth biphoton, i.e. a pair of single photons, source is essential for the development of quantum information science such as EIT-based quantum memory and quantum information manipulation. We present the study of time-correlated biphoton source via the four-wave-mixing process with a heated vapor cell of single-isotope 87Rb atoms. We have successfully observed the biphotons with a generation rate of around 25 pairs/s and a linewidth of 1 MHz. However, the signal-to-background ratio was low due to the fluorescence emitted from the atoms in the vapor cell. We are currently developing a new method of optical pumping which can significantly reduce the fluorescence level. We will also study how to enhance the biphoton generation rate. The results will be reported in the meeting.

Keywords: Biphoton generation