Ultrafast Dynamics of Retinal Chromophore in Bacteriorhodopsin
Ying-Kuan Ko1, Xiao-Ru Chen2, Takayoshi Kobayashi1, Chii-Shen Yang2, Atsushi Yabushita1*
1Department of Electrophysics, National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan
2Department of Biochemical Science and Technology, National Taiwan University, Taiwan
* Presenter:Atsushi Yabushita, email:yabushita@mail.nctu.edu.tw
The ultrashort pulse visible laser which we have developed was used to study ultrafast dynamics of the retinal chromophore in bacteriorhodopsin (BR). BR is a membrane protein which works as a light-driven proton pump. We have found the ultrafast dynamics of retinal changes on mutation of residues corresponding to the extracellular and cytoplasmic proton transfer channels.

Keywords: ultrafast spectroscopy, bacteriorhodopsin, femtosecond laser