Electron Energy Calibration with the Cms High Granularity Calorimeter(HGCal) in Cern Test Beam
Stathes Paganis1, Arnaud Steen1, Andreas Psallidas1, Chia-Hung Chien1*, Tzu-Lu Lin1, Shilpi Jain2
1Physics, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan
2Physics, National Central University, Taoyaun, Taiwan
* Presenter:Chia-Hung Chien
The CMS High Granularity Calorimeter (HGCal) is a novel sampling
calorimeter that uses silicon pads and provides a 3D image of a shower
and in addition timing information. The first electromagnetic prototype
was placed in CERN test-beam in 2016, while the hadronic prototype was
also included in 2017. Subsequent data analyses provided the first results
on electron energy resolution, linearity and shower shape observables.
In this talk we present the first results of these test beams with a particular
focus on electron energy calibration methods, including a new method we
recently introduced ( JINST 12 (2017) no.06, P06013).

Keywords: Calorimeter, Semiconductor detector, Energy Calibration