Investigate the Photoelectric and Magnetic Characteristics of Fullerene Molecules on Si(111)-7x7 Substrate
Pei-Fang Chung1*, Che-Fu Chou1, Chandrasekar Sivakumar1, Mon-Shu Ho1
1Physics, National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan
* Presenter:Pei-Fang Chung,
Our work is focus on the local photoelectric and magnetic properties with different coverage density of fullerene molecules on Silicon substrates. We fabricated C84 which is an allotrope of fullerene molecules are embedded on Si(111)-7x7 substrates by thermal evaporate process under ultrahigh vacuum system. We investigated the electronic density of states and surface morphology with UHV-STM. We analyzed the surface magnetic properties with MFM and MOKE. Also, we studied the binding features and photoelectric properties with XPS, Raman spectra and PL spectrum. Our results might help to improve the fabrication of photoelectric devices and may serve as a new nanomaterial for further studies on semiconductor carbide devices and applications.

Keywords: Fullerene , STM, MFM, MOKE, PL