Report on the Progress of "Development of the Tunable Optical Frequency Reference for the Amo and Qis Experiments in Taiwan"
Liu Yi Wei / 劉怡維1, Suen Te Hwei / 孫德輝1*
1Department of Physics, National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan
* Presenter:Suen Te Hwei / 孫德輝
We developed a frequency stabilized external cavity diode laser system in which the laser frequency was offset locked to an optical resonance cavity in a vacuum chamber. With a fixed, non-tunable reference cavity, the tunability laser is achieved with a fiber EOM of a large bandwidth, which provide a frequency offset (i.e. the modulated sideband) to a resonance of reference cavity. Meanwhile, the modulation frequency of EOM is also modulated to generate a error signal for feedback locking control. Our system utilized only one EOM and one fixed ULE reference cavity can be used for multiple lasers simultaneously with any offset frequencies. The laser frequency stabilities were better than 1 MHz, relative to the cavity resonance frequency. This system could provide a simple general scheme for many AMO/QIS experiments that highly stable lasers are required.

Keywords: laser stabilization, optical resonance cavity, external cavity diode laser