Strongly-Coupled Anisotropic Gauge Theories and Holography
Dimitrios Giataganas1*, Umut Gursoy2, Juan Pedraza3
1Physics, National Center For Theoretical Sciences, Hsinchu, Taiwan
2Institute for Theoretical Physics, Utrecht University, Netherlands
3Faculty of Science, Amsterdam University, Netherlands
* Presenter:Dimitrios Giataganas,
We study the confinement/deconfinement phase transitions in strongly coupled systems and we find that the critical temperature is decreased in presence of anisotropies. Since our plasma is neutral, our findings suggest that anisotropy by itself could be the main cause of the inverse magnetic catalysis. We also discuss the transport coefficients in our theory and demonstrate the violation of the known universal relations, such that  the shear viscosity over entropy density.

Keywords: Strongly Coupled theory, Phase Transitions, AdS/CFT, Confinement/Deconfinement