Stretching Instability of a Three-Dimensional Intrinsically Curved Semiflexible Biopolymer
Zicong Zhou1*
1Department of Physics, Tamkang University, New Taipei City, Taiwan
* Presenter:Zicong Zhou,
Frenet-Serret frame and generalized Frenet-Serret frame are commonly used local coordinate systems or body-frames in the study of a filament or a moving rigid body. In terms of Eulerian angles, I derive some useful relations in variables of these two frames and apply these relations to find some significant results. I show that the normal of the centerline of a filament can coincide with the line of nodes only when the centerline is a planar curve or a helix. I derive a three-dimensional (3D) elastic model for a filament with a finite intrinsic curvature, and show that a finite intrinsic curvature alone can induce a discontinuous transition in extension in a 3D system.

Keywords: Semiflexible biopolymer, mechanics, intrinsic curvature, phase transition, local coordinate systems