Decay Angular Distribution of J/ψ and Drell-Yan Process in π-N Interaction at 190 GeV/c in Compass/Cern Experiment
Yu-Shiang Lian (連昱翔)1,2*, Wen-Chen Chang (章文箴)1, Rurng-Sheng Guo (郭榮升)2, Marcia Quaresma (夸瑪莎)1, Takahiro Sawada (澤田崇広)1, Chia-Yu Hsieh (謝佳諭)1,3
1Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
2Department of Physics, National Kaohsiung Normal University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
3Department of Physics, National Central University, Taoyuan, Taiwan
* Presenter:Yu-Shiang Lian (連昱翔)
Decay angular distributions of charmonium and Drell-Yan process are important information from which we learn how the strong interaction affects their production mechanisms.
We measure J/ψ meson and Drell-Yan production from 190-GeV π- interacting with NH3 targets in COMPASS experiment at CERN. In this talk, we present the recent results of their decay angular distributions using the 2015 DY data.

Keywords: COMPASS, Hadroproduction, Drell-Yan process, Polarization