Recent Results from the SeaQuest Experiment at Fermilab
Kei Nagai1*
1Physics, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan
* Presenter:Kei Nagai,
The SeaQuest experiment measures the Drell-Yan process induced by 120 GeV proton beam provided by Fermilab Main Injector with the proton/deuteron/solid targets. The antiquark flavor asymmetry of protons and the cold nuclear matter effect on the quark energy loss are explored.
The amount of anti-u and that of anti-d quarks in the proton were assumed to be the same based on the flavor symmetry, which was arisen from the flavor-independent coupling constant of the strong interaction. However, the NMC, NA51 and E866 experiments found the dbar is dominant in the proton. In particular, dbar/ubar (antiquark flavor asymmetry) is as asymmetric as 1.7 at Bjorken x ~ 0.2. SeaQuest aims to extend the measurement of the dbar/ubar precisely into higher Bjorken x region (0.15In this talk, the preliminary results and the progress of the analysis on these two subjects will be presented.

Keywords: Drell-Yan process, SeaQuest, Antiquark Flavor Asymmetry, Parton Energy Loss, Nucleon Structure